IOCOM Visual Business Platform

IOCOM is a Visual Business Platform (VBP) that enables organisations to connect and collaborate with their customers, business partners and suppliers in real-time and without boundaries. Organisations can use IOCOM in the cloud, on-premise or as a hybrid solution. It is the best solution when you cannot be physically present but want all of the benefits of highly sophisticated, face-to-face interaction and the power of unlimited image/data sources and screens.

The capabilities of an IOCOM Visual Business Platform extend far beyond those of a typical video conferencing hardware or software solution. IOCOM is as an incredibly powerful solution, that is the most flexible and configurable solution and delivers high performance video in many scenarios that other products would struggle to match.

A transformative alternative to traditional videoconferencing

The IOCOM VBP is a robust and scalable visual collaboration platform.

It offers many unique features that are not available in standard video conferencing systems – whether hardware or software. In contrast to its rivals, IOCOM employs the Real-time Streaming Protocol, supports multi-camera set-ups and can be completely customised at the front end (from an interface perspective) and as well as fully-managed by your own internal IT team in the back office.

The IOCOM patented Unified Collaboration Server (UCS) technology is entirely engineered around a software-based architecture, so it does not require additional hardware and overcomes all the limitations of existing video conferencing systems. All the necessary MCUs, gateways, capabilities and interfaces are delivered to customers from first installation.

We also provide a comprehensive management suite to give customers full control of their IOCOM implementation.

In addition, we offer full support to third parties to enable them to incorporate IOCOM into their own applications. Both the IOCOM UCS and the core client application are easy to control and integrate into other products via robust open APIs.

Presence Management. Get an instant indication of your contact availability.
Full meeting recording. Record every aspect of your meeting either server-side or client-side for complete flexibility.
Optimised frames per second (FPS) mode. Intelligently manage the use of bandwidth so that presenters and participants get the best experience.
Desktop and application sharing. Share single applications or your entire desktop with meeting participants to maximise collaboration.
Highly customisable user interface. Any element of the IOCOM GUI can be adapted or changed using HTML.
Brand your IOCOM environment Easily upload custom logos and text settings to achieve a full white-labelled version of IOCOM.
Cutting edge video collaboration Advanced technical environment
Unlimited video and audio Load balancing and fault tolerance
Clients for Mac, PC and Mobile Global federation
Video resolutions from QCIF to HD 1080 Grid scalable
Unlimited number of data feeds Simple firewall traversal
Multiple independent video streams Full moderator and event controls
Up to eight cameras per PC or Mac Cloud, on-premise or hybrid deployment
Pan-tilt-zoom camera support Same GUI for web and installed clients
H323/SIP PSTN interoperability Built-in clustering support

Multiple independent video windows

Bring in audio or video streams from any device and make them an integral part of your IOCOM conversations.

Unlimited users, unlimited sites

Connect as many users based at as many sites as you like without technical or performance issues.


IOCOM delivers full 256-bit AES encryption and you can host our VBP on your own private server.


IOCOM is used in mission-critical environments in organisation such as the NHS and Rolls-Royce.


Customers can adapt an IOCOM VBP to support any kind of collaborative requirement.


As well cutting travel and accommodation costs, IOCOM also helps you re-use your existing computer hardware and reduce total cost of ownership.