IOCOM in Education

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Expand the classroom walls

Increase classroom sizes and participation by opening up access to students outside the institution.

Increase expertise

Enable leading experts, teachers, lecturers and people from industry to deliver presentations remotely.

Multi classroom

One teacher or lecturer can address an umlimited number of classrooms simultaneously.

Record sessions

Never miss a lesson with recorded sessions that retain the full functionalities of the meeting. Play recordings alongside current lessons for review purposes.

Immersive classroom experience

Multiple cameras and angles together with innovative screen displays, smart boards and tablets, create a truly engaging and interactive learning environment.

Online learning excellence

Turbo charge your e-learning platform with IOCOM communication and collaboration capabilities.

Personal System

Turn every student and teacher PC into a global education portal.

Educate anywhere. Attend any class at any education provider anywhere in the world from the comfort of home.
Never miss a lesson. Playback recorded lessons in native IOCOM format.
Virtual breakouts. Create separate learning groups then reconvene seamlessly.
Unlimited class sizes. Enjoy full interaction with meeting moderator controls.

Smart Board

Transform your smartboard into a fully immersive experience with and IOCOM Visual Business Platform.

Touch and share the board. Share the entire smartboard or individual applications with any meeting participant.
Virtual guest speakers. Connect an expert to your classroom from anywhere in the world.
Compete. Host competitions and quizzes against schools all over the globe.
Remote specialist tuition. Invite specialist teachers to take over a class.


Create the ultimate classroom experience with dual screens connected to IOCOM.

Virtual tours. Let IOCOM take you on a journey of discovery in nature, business, sport and history led by the experts.
School transition. Enable primary school children to observe high school lessons, or secondary school students participate in university lectures.
Cultural exchange. Establish virtual links with schools in other countries and continents.
Careers advice programmes. Invite inspirational speakers to motivate career decisions.

Auditoriums and Lecture Theatres

Build future-proof and advanced educational centres that set the standard for classroom teaching and learning.

Unlimited global participation. Attract the best students in the world into your lecture theatres to increase class sizes, cost-effectively.
Lecture from anywhere. Offer unrivalled teaching capabilities regardless of location.
Multi-classroom learning. Deliver a single lecture to unlimited classrooms anywhere in the world.
Multi-camera experience. See the lecture from every angle with support for up to eight cameras per machine.